Poppy Room

Poppy Room (0-12/18 months)
Where the adventure begins!

Poppy room is where our youngest children first come into our setting.
The room is bright, open and very calming with most of the floor space covered in carpet and soft comfy areas for children to rest and play. We have a sleeping area which can create a tranquil and calming area for them to be able to sleep.
Children within this room can explore each area at their own leisure with a range of sensory and exciting activities added each day to help them develop further.

The team that work within this room are dedicated to giving your child the best possible care. They will work together with you to create what we call a care routine so that they can care for your child exactly how they are cared for when with you at home. In the Poppy room the team spend quality time with you and your child during the taster session to build strong, positive relationships from the very beginning. Your child will be allocated a key worker within the first 2 weeks of attending the setting, on some occasions the child will bond with a particular staff member straight away which in this instance they have chosen their own key worker. We pride ourselves on our professional approach when building partnerships with our parents; we do our upmost to make the transition from home to nursery as relaxed and stress free as possible for both you and your child.

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