Meet Our Butterflies Family

Clair: Director 
Leanne: Manager 

Cara : Manager

Emily: Early Years Apprentice

Emily now works alongside Elizabeth in the Daisy room and has been with us now for just over 1 year, she previously worked in the poppy room alongside Alisha. Moving into the Daisy room means Emily still works closely with the parents and children who she was with in the Poppy room.

Emily has really settled in with us here at Butterflies, she loves it so much that she has just begun her Early Years Educator Level 3; she is a really passionate and hardworking individual who is going to do amazing with her studies!

Emily loves getting to know all the children’s individual personalities so that she can make the environment as rich and fulfilling as possible for them to learn and develop. We can see the future is bright for you Emily, keep up the amazing work!

Helen: Early Years Educator/SENCO

Helen works within the Pre-Schoolroom, she has worked with us here for 4 years and has a wide range of experience with all aged children.

She has the most imaginative and creative mind which she bring into everything that she does with the children.

She is an artist and loves to create wonderful window art for us all to enjoy, we love seeing her work we think she is fantastic and are very lucky to have her on our team.

Helen puts her heart and soul into creating exciting environments and activities for the children based around their current interests. She brings in her artistic side into everything she does.


Jessica: Early Years Educator

Jess works within the Pre-school room and has been at Butterflies now for just over a year.

We have loved getting to know Jess over this last year; she is such a kind and lovely lady who the children adore.

Jess thrives off having routine and structure within her room, she feels is very important when getting the children ready for school.

She also loves quiet story times with the children; she gets them engaged with the story by asking questions to get their imaginations flowing.

Angela: Early Years Assistant

Angela has been with us since July 2021 and started off originally as lunch cover, but she loved it so much she now works 2 and half days a week with the Bluebell room.

She loves being around the children, supporting them with their everyday needs, she has a very calming nature; the children thrive off her kindness and patience.

Angela is a wonderful addition to our Butterflies family and we are very lucky to have her!

Roshan: Nursery Assistant/Lunch Cover

Roshan has been with us no since June 2022 and is still as energetic as the day she started with us.

She loves getting stuck in with anything and everything, no matter how messy it may be she is on it and does it with hard work and pride.

Roshan works with all our age groups during her days/weeks so all of our children know who she is. They all really enjoy her presence.

Roshan loves getting messy, in her first week Roshan managed to turn all the children’s hands blue when she made blue gloop. The children thought it was brilliant, they loved it!

Gabby: Early Years Educator

Gabby works in the Pre-school room as the room leader, she works alongside Jessica and Helen.

She loves her job, and she loves her children. Gabby is very passionate about giving her children the right environment in which they can learn and develop in. She enjoys creating interesting and engaging activities for the children, she is always finding new ways in which she can do things which will develop the children's learning and understanding.

Gabby loves the outdoors and enjoys creating an interesting environment for the children to explore, no matter how messy or muddy! Gabby is just starting her level 5 qualifications to develop her knowledge and skills further.

We wish her luck with her studies, she will do amazing!

Keileigh: Early Years Educator

Keileigh works within the Bluebell room (2-3’s) and is passionate about making the environment engaging and exciting for her children. Keileigh catches the children’s learning through fun! They are always getting messy and exploring new

Keileigh has worked within Butterflies for over 12 years and in those fantastic years she has has a wide range of roles and responsibilities. She first came to us to work in admin but them she found her love of working with the children and parents so became one of our baby room practitioners. From there Keileigh then worked in the Daisy room and then a while after she moved into the Bluebell room where she currently is now.

After having her own beautiful girls Keileigh decided it was the right time to expand her knowledge and is currently studying for her Degree in Young Children’s Learning and Development which she is excelling in! Keep going Keileigh, you’re doing fantastic!

Tracey – Early Years Educator

Tracey works within the Poppy room (0-1’s) and is fun, bubbly and fills any room with laughter! Tracey builds wonderful relationships with the children through laughter and play!

After zooming through her level 3 apprenticeship Tracey found her love of Early Years and decided that she wanted to further her knowledge so has enrolled onto her Degree in Young Children’s Learning and Development – We wish her all the luck with her studies, she will smash it!

Tracey has previously worked with the 2-3's in the Bluebell room and was the room leader of until just recently when she decided to enrol onto her degree, her work days then changed to accommodate her Uni days. Tracey is well known and loved by all of our children and staff members. 

April – Early Years Educator

April works within the Poppy Room (0-1’s) April is inviting and engaging with all children she comes into contact with.

She has worked at Butterflies for over 9 years and those 9 years have been filled, full of fun, excitement and lots of hugs. April has spent the majority of her years with our babies. She has worked closely with our new parents, helping them with the huge transition of leaving their precious babies and getting back to work.

The children in the Poppy room thrive off April’s enthusiasm during play. She promotes respect, kindness and care through role play with the children in the Poppy room. Don’t ever change April, we all love you!

Alisha – Deputy Manager

Alisha works within the Poppy Room as room leader (0-1’s) and is a wonderful, exciting and fun person to be around. She loves all of the babies as if they were her own.

She spends most of her time being silly and making the babies laugh, and the staff too!

She loves getting the babies involved in sensory and messy play, the messier the better!

Alisha has worked at Butterflies for over 12 years, she started as a student at the age of 16 and now has enrolled onto complete her level 4 in diploma in advanced childcare practice and management. 

We wish her luck with her studies!

Elizabeth: Early Years Educator

Elizabeth works within the Daisy room as the room leader, she has been with us for over 6 years now and has worked with the bluebell room children from starting with us up until recently.

Elizabeth is a wonderful member of our team; she is a dedicated practitioner who spends a lot of her own time making and creating things for her room, she is loved by all the children in her room.

She is currently studying for her BA Hon Degree in Early Childhood Studies; she has already completed the foundation degree. We are so proud and happy for her, she has worked so hard for this qualification.

Keep going Elizabeth and well done we’re rooting for you!

Jodie: Early Years Educator

Jodie is such a wonderful, enthusiastic and hard working practitioner!

She is full of energy and exciting ideas, she is our instagram queen who is always up to date on the latest activities and events going on.

Jodie is currently studying for her BA Hons in Young Children’s Learning and Development and she is doing fantastic, she brings her newfound knowledge into her everyday work ensuring the children are given the best opportunities to learn and develop.

Jodie has worked with us here since April 2013 and in her interview referred to herself as Mary Poppins, which we all can agree, she really is like our very own Mary Poppins!

Ruby: Early Years Educator

Ruby is our Bluebell room Leader and works Monday to Thursday. The children adore Ruby, she is such a warm, friendly, bubbly character and she is a valued member of our team!

Ruby is our Bluebell room Leader and she works Monday to Thursday. Ruby loves nothing more than getting active with her 2 year olds in the garden, running around playing games. Ruby also enjoys being creative with the children, getting arts and crafts out and letting them get messy. 

The children flock to Ruby for snuggles when they feel like they need a little cuddle. Ruby doesn't mind one bit! 

Kerry: Early Years Educator

Kerry has worked at Butterflies for over 12 years and is a huge part of our setting.

She previously worked in Pre-school as room leader, where she worked for the majority of her 12 years, but now she has a more flexible role working within the Daisy and Bluebell children.

Kerry loves her job and the children she cares for, she loves getting them outdoors for some well needed fresh air and a run around to let off all that extra energy.

She also enjoys getting the children involved in crafts and messy play, making and creating, encouraging the children to use their imaginations! She is a fabulous artist and loves to draw, the pre-school children always loved asking her to draw them their favourite things.

Karen: Early Years Educator

Karen is a much loved member of our team, she has worked with us for around 7 years and over those years Karen has been an amazing support across the whole of our nursery. Karen originally started with us as lunch cover where she supported all of our children over lunch times. Karen quickly fell in love with the Early years after previously working as a teaching assistant in schools, she then began working with Pre-school where she worked for 3 years.

Karen is now working as a support member of staff where she supports all of our children across the nursery. Karen's passion is supporting children with SEN, she has previously supported many of our children with SEN over the years she has worked at Butterflies. She believes it is vitally important that all children are included and given the same opportunities.

Karen is a lovely warm character, she is bubbly and fun. She enjoys having time to sit and read stories with a snuggle from time to time which the children love too!


Anna: Early Years Assistant

Anna works within the Bluebell room and has been with us now for 18 months. Anna has previously worked with the daisy room children and the pre-school children, so is known by all the children. Anna is fun, full of energy and enjoys creating and implementing activities of all kinds for the children she works with; she particularly loves messy and creative play.

Anna also really enjoys being outdoors with the children, she understands the value of being outdoors with nature and the benefits it has for children’s health and education.


Jean: Nursery Cook

Jean is our wonderful nursery cook who has been with us now for over 2 years. The children love seeing her when she pops into their rooms to collect dishes from meal times.

Jean has come from working in a school kitchen which she did for over 22 years, it was a job she loved. She equally loves her job with us which is just on a smaller, more relaxed scale. Jean also loves to bake; all our puddings and treats are made freshly here in our own kitchen.

Jean cooks our children’s meals freshly every day, she can and does cater for a wide range of food allergies and intolerances, adapting our meals to suit all children. Apart from her love of cooking and baking, Jean also loves to knit; she will often knit beautiful cardigans for our pregnant ladies.    

Tish: Nursery Assistant 

Tish works within the Bluebell room (2-3’s) and has worked at Butterflies for 11 years. Over the 11 years Tish has worked as lunch cover for around a year where she then gradually built up her hours until she became full time in the Pre-school room. After 6 years of being with the Pre-school children Tish moved onto the Bluebell room where she has been now for around 4 years.

Tish enjoys nothing more than getting out the messy and creative things and letting the children explore and be creative. Tish also loves to bake so is an excellent play dough maker.

Tish is a huge part of our nursery and is loved by all our children and staff members! 

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