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Pre-School Room

Our Buttercup group is for our children who transition from the Bluebell room to their final leg of their Butterflies journey. This room offers opportunities for adult initiated learning as well as free flow play. We provide the children with chances to start being independent, for example using the toilet and hand washing but with adult supervision in place at all times. The children have more structure to their day, they have registration times both morning and afternoon where the children begin to start finding their own name on flash cards, they will talk about the weather, the days of the week and also what they have been getting up to at home with their families. We feel that it is important to begin to get children used to being sat down for group times ready for starting school. 

The term before the children are due to leave us to start school they will move into the Pre-school group where they take part in group work and adult initiated activities are planned to support the learning and development further. Also with opportunities to start developing, pencil and scissor control, finding and naming shapes in the environment, P.E sessions and we also encourage fun homework tasks that can be done as a family.


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