Daisy Room

Daisy Room (12/18 months - 2 years) 

The next step after Poppy Room is the Daisy room. The team would follow the transition procedure (see transitions) to help and support your child’s transition onto the next stage.

In this room the children will continue to grow and develop further. Our role as practitioners is to facilitate children’s play with open ended and adult led activities, which are age appropriate learning opportunities based on the interests of the children.

Everything within the Daisy room is easily accessible for children who are walking and also for those who are not quite on their feet. Children within this age range are likely to start learning how to communicate with others around them and may even begin to create friendship bonds with children within their group. It is an important role of the practitioner to listen, understand and encourage all forms of communication at this stage, whilst also encouraging self-confidence.

‘Don’t just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they read. 
Teach them to question everything.’
- George Carlin -


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